- April 19, 2020


I'm not even going to acknowledge the fact that I haven't written in almost a year! I'll just jump right in... 

These are crazy times. If you're one of the lucky ones who still has some cash flow, and would like to support some local businesses without breaking isolation, check out these Toronto spots that are still operating online through the pandemic, and will safely deliver some sweet treasures to keep you sane and serene at home!
Anyone who knows me knows Blackbird is close to my heart. Paula is about to launch her website, and you can also peruse and order products via Instagram, from antique treasures to soaps and candles to stationary. She'll carefully deliver your items straight to you. And trust me, having worked for her, she's one of the most sanitary human beings on this Earth. My longtime favourite items: Sea Salt & Lavender soap by Formulary 55 ($15), which smells so yummy you'll be tempted to eat it; The Old Lodge candle by Folklore Candle Co. ($29), and the "Ladies' Cabin" perfume roller by Austin Press in San Francisco, which is the cosiest, yet springiest scent! 
You can also check out her Instagram to see the cool antiques she has right now - I always love the old tobacco tins she collects. 
Bonus: Mother's Day is approaching, and Paula is building custom gift boxes that she can deliver straight to Mom (if Mom is in the Toronto area). Reach out to create a sweet bundle your mom will love. 
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